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Monday, 11 June 2012

My Latest Release

We don't have another Bank Holiday here in England for months, and with the Rainy Season apparently here to stay, I thought you might like a little distraction. My July release for Harlequin Mills and Boon, The Count's Prize is available from http://www.millsandboon.co.uk/books/Modern/The-Counts-Prize.htm.  
Josie is a sensible academic, who's landed the job of a lifetime. The catch? It's based at the home of notorious playboy Dario. Josie and Dario are drawn together by irresistible forces, but she has more sense than to entrust her damaged heart to a rogue, while his flippant exterior hides a pain darker than he can face.
Here's a little taste of it...

It was only when her hands slid around his waist that he stirred and gave a wordless moan of longing and regret Then he reached around and grasped her wrists. That one simple movement woke Josie from her trance. With a spasm of alarm she realised how close she had come to total surrender. She stood back and stared at him, shocked.
Dario's expression was a mask of regret. His eyes squeezed shut as he whispered, 'No...I can't...I'm sorry... Arietta...'
Josie's longing drained away replaced by the old familiar mix of anger, shame and humiliation.
'You could at least call me by the right name!' She spat.
That broke the spell.
'I should never have done anything at all,' he said grimly, dropping her hands and striding away across the glade to his horse.

Josie and Dario's story has echoes of Cinderella. I love that theme, but of course there are lots of others. What's your favourite? There's a signed copy of The Count's Prize on offer for a comment drawn at random  week on Wednesday, 20th June.