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Friday 29 March 2013

Here Come The Girls - Or They Would, But...

By Frank Blackwell (Diocese of Oxford)
My last post covered the search for male images to put up on my Work In Progress inspiration boards.  I don't base my characters on any one person, but build up an idea in my mind of what they are like by combining physical details in all sorts of combinations. That's one of the exciting things about writing - you can design your own people. Imagine being a parent, but without the hard work and the 20-plus years of waiting before you see the finished article! 

As well as a physical database of my characters' eye colour, height, etc., I use pictures of people and places on an inspiration board in my office to keep me on course. It's easy enough to gather images for this private collection. If a picture of something or someone in an article or advert appeals to me, I just cut it out.  The problem comes when I want to put them up on my public Work In Progress Pinterest board. Not unreasonably, copyright rules mean images can't be reproduced online willy-nilly. I've managed to post some suitably heroic men, but women are proving a bit more elusive.  That's why I'm asking for your help in tracking down some suitable photos.

Here's the spec: life has crushed all the fun out of my dark haired, well built heroine - it's still there, but  she's taken refuge in chocolate.  Once she takes control of her life again, she's ready for anything. The girl I have in my mind looks a bit like a twenty-something Dawn French. I couldn't find any pictures of Ms French at that age, so I canvassed opinion on my guest blog earlier in the month at authorsoundrelations. There were some great responses, in particular Mary Kirkland's suggestion of Denise Bidot. Unfortunately, I can't find a legal (and decent, of course!) image of Denise to join Dawn and the guys on Pinterest

Can you help?

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