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Monday 11 July 2011

Bees At Work!

This is a lovely time of year - if only I had managed to keep on top of the gardening! Instead, I've been so busy writing a new Modern Romance for Harlequin  Mills and Boon the time has flown by and I'm looking out at a scene of self-sown poppies and wild white clover. Luckily, my bees love both these flowers so they are extra busy. One of our hives is packed to the rafters with honey, but that colony is so large I shall have to be careful and leave them plenty of those stores to keep them well fed through the winter.  Some beekeepers take off all the honey and then feed their bees with sugar and water, but I'd rather let them have natural food. If white sugar is bad for us, it can't be much better for the bees!
July sees the US publication of my romance set in the South of France, The Count's Challenge. Nip over to my website, http://www.christinahollis.com to read an extract, and for a chance to enter my great new Summer Competition based on the book!

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