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Thursday 7 July 2011

Focus On...Elaine Lowe

I'm delighted to welcome Elaine Lowe onto my blog today, to talk about her latest release.

Hi Christina, thank you so much for having me as a guest on your blog. I'm Elaine Lowe, and I am happy to announce that my latest book, http://www.jasminejade.com/p-9413-magic-eights.aspx Magic Eights, is out today! Short but hot, Magic Eights tells the story of a happily married couple that still has a lot to learn about one another, and the touch of magic that helps them to do it. What is a woman to do with eight copies of the man she loves? Have a lot of exhausting fun!
This book is light-hearted and fun, a departure from some of my more plot-intense, research heavy historicals. I really had a lot of fun writing this summery romp, and I hope you have fun reading it.
Check out my website, http://elainelowenovels.com/ Elaine Lowe Novels and follow me on twitter at http://twitter.com/#!/elainelowe
Have fun and keep reading! 
Elaine Lowe
Here's an excerpt from Magic Eights to whet your appetite...

Will stood in the doorway for a moment, taking in the soap-obscured view of her
naked body and flashing her a brief but devastating grin that still made her heart go
“Hello my water nymph. How do you find your bath? And is that incense I smell?”
He turned away from her and to the toilet, nonchalantly taking a piss, while she
observed the curve of his ass in the ancient pair of khaki shorts that he wore.
“Bath’s searing hot, just like this nymph likes it. And no, the scent is something
Esme sent us for our anniversary.” She looked him up and down. “Care to join me?”
Her voice dripped with invitation, but she knew he didn’t share her particular fetish for
“You’ve got to be kidding me! It’s like ninety-five in the house, and it’s only going
to get hotter. How you can stand to take a hot bath in this weather is beyond my ken!”
With a drip and a zip and a quick wash of his hands, he turned back to her, his eyes
eating her up and making her throb even more than she had been. With his dark
shining eyes carrying that edge of lust and his wicked goatee reminding her how much
she liked the drag of his chin against her thighs, she was practically melting with need
for him. But she didn’t let it show. Her appetite for him was simply ridiculous after all
the years they’d been together and she’d never been completely comfortable letting it
all out. He was everything she ever wanted, and she didn’t feel like scaring him off
Will seemed to read something in her expression though, and he looked apologetic.
“I promise to take a bath and have fun with you when it’s not scorching hot. Besides, I
just got a call from work and the server is having a meltdown. I’ve got to log on and fix
it before the CFO starts having kittens. Which would be bad, because he’s very allergic
to cats.”
Susanna crinkled her brow and blinked. Will always did have a cock-eyed sense of
humor. She loved it and the unexpected twists his brain would occasional make. “But
you are supposed to relax this weekend! You’ve been…”
“I know, I’m stressed out and I desperately need to get away from the computer.
But I’m an addict, what can I say. And I think I’ve done quite a bit of restorative
relaxing.” His eyes flickered over her once again and that lazy lecherous smile
appeared, the one that could make her blush like a sixteen-year-old virgin. “So let me
go off and slay some electronic dragons, or fix some bugs, and I shall return to indulge
in all the bounty milady has to offer.” With a wink, he turned around and shut the door,
leaving her in the swirling steam and foamy water of her bath. All alone.
His parting words had sent all kinds of naughty images tickling her brain...

Passion in  a sultry bathroom - exactly the thing to put the zing back into a marriage! 
Thanks for blogging here today, Elaine, and good luck with Magic Eights!

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