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Wednesday 21 January 2015

Guest Post: Rebecca Grace, Author of Blues At 11

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 Today I'm welcoming Rebecca Grace to my blog. Rebecca's going to tell us about the background to her new release, Blues At 11, and treat us to an excerpt.


My newest book, Blues at 11, came out last week, and I have to admit it is the book I had the most fun writing. I started it out as a serious mystery, and it seemed to go nowhere. Then I changed it to first person, and began re-writing it in a humorous vein and suddenly the words just seemed to come so easily.
I started with the premise of a bar conversation I had with a good friend when I had just broken up with a boyfriend. We were drinking margaritas and discussing how we should kill him for being such a jerk. Halfway through the conversation, the bartender came by and promised not to tell the police everything he’d overheard when the body turned up.
Well, that got me to thinking – what if one of the women at the bar was well-known? Not just well known but a TV anchorwoman who has just broken up with a boyfriend. What if she is suspected of killing him? And what if the chief of police in the town is a guy she once dated?
Suddenly things fell into place.
Rebecca Grace
I’ve been writing stories based on just that sort of a “what if” concept ever since I was in high school. I’ve loved mystery books and suspense since I was a pre-teen but then I read Pride and Prejudice and started devouring romance novels. It was natural when I began writing fiction myself that I would go in the direction of writing romance, romantic suspense and mystery. I always wanted to be a writer, which was why I eventually chose to major in journalism in college. I didn’t know I would end up in television news, but I was there for more than 30 years, a good many in Los Angeles where Blues is set. I am currently working on new adventures for Kimberly.

Here’s an excerpt from Blues At 11:
“Someone needs to find the killer,” I said. “What if he’s after me too? Think about Lindy’s accident. She was driving my car. The hit and run driver might have been after me.”
 Hank waved an impatient hand. “From what I’ve heard, she was driving too fast and may have been racing the other car.”
“She told me she was careful.”
“You think she’d tell the truth if she was racing? Look, I would appreciate it if you hired a PI and left my dad out of this.”
“All you’re worried about is looking bad for your mayor and rich people like the Brookings family. I’m sure they’ll give you a nice contribution to your next campaign for providing personal attention.”
“I am not elected,” he said through gritted teeth.
“But you are worried about your job and appearances. Isn’t that why you were making such a big deal out of my ‘security arrangement’ with your dad?” It was my turn to hold up the quote fingers.
The coldness that grew in his eyes was like an approaching glacier. “Look, I know what's happening. You’re doing your normal Kimberly crap.”
His harsh words smacked into me like a slap of hard wind to my face. “My what?”
He unloaded on me with the force of a blizzard. “You’re a pampered princess who is so damned used to getting your own way that you can’t handle it when the real world invades your private fantasy life! Well, it’s here, lady, and it’s real. But I won’t stand by and let you hurt my father by getting him involved.”

Thanks for starring her today, Rebecca. I love the idea of an eavesdropper getting the wrong idea. Anybody looking at the search history on a writer's computer ought to be ready for a few shocks, too! Good luck with Blues At 11, and the further adventures of Kimberley, too.

To enjoy more of Rebecca and Blues At 11, here are her buy links and contact details:

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