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Monday 25 April 2011

A Busy Week

There's a lot going on this week. It's been my daughter's birthday - where on earth have the past twenty years gone? The weather's been so good she's been able to have some fresh ripe strawberries, warm from the greenhouse, but the icing on her birthday cake went a bit awry. She wanted lemon feather icing, but it sent a bit too quickly so it was more impressionistic - from my 'yellow' period (!) There's going to be a village bring and share picnic to celebrate the Royal Wedding Holiday, as well as a soup and sweet session organised by the church the day before, all in the name of good neighbourly relations. It's lovely how this wedding is bringing people together. Let's hope the weather is good for all these outdoor events. I'll be making some celebration traybakes to take along - what's your favourite dish for sharing?

Tuesday 12 April 2011

A Day Off...

Yesterday, I turned in the manuscript of my latest Mills & Boon Modern Romance, provisionally entitled Fire and Ice. As my editor is taking a few days well earned rest, today I squeezed in a sneaky day away from the computer. That meant spending some time in the garden. I'd love to say this is a picture of my handiwork, but sadly, it isn't! I also went for a nice long walk, listening out for the cuckoo. No luck - the wind is still a bit chilly for him. I've been trying to walk a minimum of twelve thousand steps per day to counteract the time I spend sat at the keyboard, but it's hard work! I need lots of encouragement, and with the beautiful river Wye 3,500 steps away (a figure burned into my brain), that's one obvious target. Unfortunately, to get there I have to pass the only shop for miles around. It sells chocolate.
Enough said...