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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Holding Out For A Hero...

On 16th March I did a guest blog at http://bit.ly/ZPPDNe about my search for images I could add to the inspiration board I'm using to develop my current work in progress, Eden's Temptation. I had plenty of ideas of my own, but I love getting feedback from readers. You came up with some great ideas, including Mary Kirkland's suggestion of Denise Bidot for my heroine. Mary's prize will be on its way to her soon, but I'm the real winner. I've already pinned up three likely lads on my Work In Progress Pinterest Board, and pictures of some suitably "heroic" women will follow as soon as I can find some pinnable images of them. Then I had a revelation as I sat down to write this blog. I remembered a YouTube video that someone put me onto a couple of years ago. How on earth could I have forgotten James Purefoy? If you've never seen this before, sit back, relax and enjoy a few minutes of heaven, courtesy of DreamyViper...

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